Attempt to break into HDFC bank account: wanted to withdraw huge amount from NRI’s account, 12 including 3 bank employees arrested

Delhi Police has arrested 12 people including 3 employees of HDFC Bank. These people were trying to secretly withdraw money from the account of an Indian living abroad. The Cyber ​​Crime Unit said that this group had tried to withdraw money online 66 times.

The accused had also obtained an Indian mobile phone number similar to the US mobile number registered in the KYC of the account holder. The check book has also been recovered from the accused. According to the statement issued by HDFC Bank, the bank itself had lodged a complaint in this regard with the Cyber ​​Crime Unit. The bank is cooperating fully with the investigating agencies.

The complaint said that several times unauthorized internet banking attempts have been seen in the account concerned. The accused wanted to withdraw cash from this account using the fraudulently obtained check book. He had also tried to update the new mobile number.

In view of the unauthorized Internet Banking attempts, the Delhi Police had constituted a team to investigate the matter. The team was tasked to identify the culprits on the basis of technical footprint and human intelligence. Based on technical evidence, footprint and human intelligence, several geolocations were identified. Raids were conducted at 20 places in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh in which 12 people were arrested. Among them are three HDFC Bank employees, who were involved in issuing check books, updating mobile phone numbers.

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