Battlegrounds Mobile India Game Launch: 1 crore users have downloaded, the company said

South Korean video game developer Crafton has finally officially launched the Battlegrounds Mobile India game in India. The game launches today at 6.30 am. The game pre-registered users could already download it. Now they just have to update the game.

The launch of the game has been announced from the company’s official Facebook page. 10 million users have downloaded the company’s app. Gamers will be able to download it from the Google Play Store. At the same time, users who have already downloaded the game to access it, they will have to update the game from the Google Play Store.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is open to Android smartphone users only. In such a situation, the device with iOS based operating system will have to wait for the game.There is no need to download the game with the help of third party store or APK file.Users who play Battlegrounds Mobile India game will get reward points till August 19.

Crafton has announced an in-game event in celebration of the game’s launch, which can be redeemed by playing the game.Battleground Mobile India can be logged-in with the help of mobile OTP.According to the company, the data of any user playing BGMI games will not be stored.

To secure the data of users in India, Krafton provides data transfer service. It will be those who used to play the first PUBG mobile game on the Nordic map. Now you will be able to play by transferring the data of the previous Livik app to the new Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company says that the pre-registration reward is available on the account transferring the data. However, the data transfer service will stop after July 6.

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