The restaurant took 40 paise more and the customer reached the court, Court imposed fine of Rs 4,000 for wasting time

A restaurant in Bengaluru took 40 paise more in bill from a man, but he could not digest it and went to the consumer court. Here, however, his case is reversed. The court also ordered the restaurant manager to pay Rs 4,000 in compensation.

The case is dated May 2021. An old man named Murthy ordered a meal at the city’s Hotel Empire. When they got there to pick him up, he gave them a bill of Rs. 265. However, his complete bill was Rs 264.60. Murthy asked the staff about this, when they did not get a proper answer, they went to the Consumer Court in Bengaluru and accused the restaurant of robbing people.

Murthy demanded a compensation of one rupee and said that he was shocked and upset by the incident. On June 26, 2021, Murthy argued his case in court. While Anshuman M and Aditya Ambrose argued as counsel for the opposing party. Both argued that the complaint was too small and annoying. This has been approved under Section 170 of the Goods and Services Tax Act-2017.

In the case which has been going on for 8 months, the judge said that as per the rule of Government of India, less than 50 paise is ignored and if there is more, one rupee can be taken. The court reprimanded the idol for wasting time. On March 4, 2022, the court ordered the restaurant to pay Rs 2,000 and the court Rs 2,000 as fine, which the idol has to pay in 30 days.

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