Don’t worry! Children will get Aadhar number with birth, know this work

A big news is coming about Aadhar card. According to the information, UIDAI has started a new initiative in the country, in which a plan is being prepared to give Aadhaar Enrollment in the hospital along with the birth of the newborn. UIDAI and hospitals have also started preparations for this work.

By doing this UIDAI wants to ensure the Aadhaar card of all the countrymen. Let us discuss here that till now the basis of newborn children was not made. This is because a lot of changes are seen in the biometrics of children with age. But now with the birth, the work of giving Aadhaar Enrollment to the newborn will be done.

1. UIDAI CEO Saurabh Garg has given information in this regard that photos of babies will be taken at the time of birth. On this basis, the work of providing them Aadhar card will be done. There is a preparation to link it with one of their parents. Let us tell you that the biometric of children of 5 years is not taken. But when the children cross the age of five, their biometrics will be taken.

2. UIDAI CEO Saurabh Garg further said that the registration of 99.7 percent of the adult population in the country under Aadhaar has been completed. After this, now it is our aim to register the newborn babies. Every year 2 to 2.5 crore babies are born in the country. We are in the process of starting the process of registering such children in Aadhaar.

Let us tell you that even for children, Aadhar card is one of the most important documents. If you go to get admission in school or registration of a child in any government scheme, then you will need it. However, for children below the age of five years, UIDAI has done the work of removing the requirement of biometric details. Now you are able to get your child’s Aadhar card made by following a simple process. Let us discuss here that UIDAI has named the Aadhaar card of children as ‘Bal Aadhar Card’. The special thing in this is that it is blue in color.

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