Government is giving subsidy on cooking gas again, check whether it comes in your account or not

The government has again started giving subsidy on cooking gas. If you cook with LPG and book a cylinder, then you are also entitled to subsidy. Money has also started coming in the account of customers. If you are not getting subsidy on LPG, then you can take subsidy by doing a small work sitting at home.

Consumers are getting subsidy on LPG gas, but not all customers are getting the same amount. At present, a subsidy of Rs 79.26 per cylinder is being given. Some people are getting a different amount than this. That’s why people are confused. They are not able to understand that the subsidy of how many cylinders has come in their account.

If the gas subsidy money has not come in your account, then it is important for you to know why your subsidy (LPG Gas Subsidy Status) is not coming. The biggest reason for stopping the subsidy on LPG is that your Aadhar card is not linked to LPG (LPG Aadhaar Linking). It is to be known that people earning Rs 10 lakh or more in a year are not given subsidy on LPG.

Let us tell you that a subsidy of Rs 158.52 has come in the account of some people, then Rs 237.78 in someone’s account. There are many such people, in whose account only Rs 79.26 has been transferred. That is why it is important that you check your account, so that you will know how much subsidy you have received. Here we are telling its easy process-

How to Check LPG Gas Subsidy: First of all open the website on mobile or desktop or laptop. The photo of gas cylinders of gas companies will be seen on the right side of the screen. Here you click on the photo of the gas cylinder of your service provider.

A new window will open on the screen. This is the page of your gas service provider.Now tap on Sign-in and New User option at the top right. If you’ve already created your ID here, sign in. If you have not yet created an ID, then login to the website by tapping on New User. Now a new window will open in front of you. In this, click on View Cylinder Booking History on the right side.

Here you will know how much subsidy has been given to you on which cylinder. Whenever the subsidy money has been transferred to your account. Along with this, if you have booked gas and you have not received the subsidy money, then you have to click on the feedback button.Here you can also file a complaint of non-receipt of subsidy money.You can also register a complaint by calling the toll free number 18002333555.

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