Honda Activa electric scooter is coming in Indian market, know when it will be launched?

There is a huge demand for electric vehicles in India, which is mainly increasing the demand for electric scooters. India’s favorite scooter will now be launched with an electric battery as record sales of many electric scooters have started in the market. Last month, Honda Two-Wheeler announced that it was working on plans to launch electric scooters in India.

Now the talk is that Honda may launch its own Activa electric version. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is expected to launch Activa electric scooter by 2023. According to Honda, the next electric scooter will be ready for launch in the next financial year.Etsushi Ogta, President, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, has unveiled Honda’s plans to launch a new electric scooter.

“The Honda Activa is currently India’s best-selling scooter, which is why Honda has decided to use the same name for its upcoming electric scooter,” Ogata said. This will allow customers to easily connect with it, as the Activa is a reliable scooter of the brand. It is not yet clear whether Honda will develop a brand new electric scooter for the Indian market or launch a revamped version of its existing electric scooter from an international product lineup called Activa.

Honda’s Benley electric scooter is currently being tested in India by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India and has also been spotted at the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Speaking of Benley electric scooters, Honda offers 4 different models of these electric scooters in Japan. These types include Benly e: I, Benly e: I Pro, Benly e: II and Benly e: II Pro. The Benley electric scooter range in Japan is primarily made available for last-mile delivery in the commercial and fleet segments. The powertrain and hardware of this scooter can also be used to power a passenger friendly electric scooter.

Since the Benley electric scooter is already under trial, many of Honda’s electric scooters are available in the international market. That being said, this electric scooter will lay the foundation for the next Honda Activa electric scooter. Other electric scooters are also included in Honda’s international product portfolio.

These include a series of Honda PCX Electric and Honda GYRO electric scooters. Honda has many plans in the EV segment Honda has come up with many plans in the EV segment. The company has recently created a new subsidy for making battery packs. The new subsidiary was set up with a capital of Rs 133 crore. So the company does not have to depend on other companies for batteries for electric vehicles.

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