Hotspot’s new feature rollout, now voice notes can be recorded by posing, find out how this feature works

WhatsApp’s Voice Notes feature is very useful. It also makes chatting fun. In this case, the company is making some changes to make this feature more fun. According to reports, the feature has been rolled out to pause and resume audio while recording voice notes. It has just been rolled out to some beta testers.

While recording the voice, the user can pause and resume the voice note in between. Until now, WhatsApp has not had the facility to pause and play voice notes. The user had to record and send the entire voice note at once.According to Wabetainfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp’s features, the app has launched a new pause button.

It allows the user to store the recording and then restart it. Earlier, users were given the option to pause and play while listening only after sending a voice note. They will now be able to pause the recording without resuming the entire recording and resume after a while. WhatsApp also introduced the option to play voice notes outside of chat.

Earlier, the user could hear the voice note at the time of opening the chat. It would automatically pause after coming out of the chat box. The Global Audio Player appears at the top of the chat window and you also have the option to remove the audio player after listening to the voice notes.

According to Wabetainfo, this feature has already been rolled out for some beta testers. It will also be available for other testers after installing the new WhatsApp Business Beta for Android update. The report says that if you do not see the new Pause and Resume feature while recording voice notes, it means that your WhatsApp account is not ready for it yet.

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