IRCTC shares 20% and DMart shares down 3%, Paras Defense on upper circuit of 10%

The shares of Avenue Supermart, which runs DMart, and IRCTC, a railway company, continue to fall drastically. The share of IRCTC fell by 20% in the lower circuit to reach Rs 4,371. While the share of Avenue Super has fallen by 4% to Rs 4,560.

In this week, the shares of both DMart and IRCTC have fallen drastically. Shares of DMart closed down 10% on Monday. It also declined on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning it fell by 4% to Rs 4,560. The stock went up to Rs 5,899 on Monday. However, the stock had lost 10% at the end of trading on the same day. Its market cap at that time was Rs 3.51 lakh crore. Now this market cap has come down by Rs 51 thousand crores to below Rs 3 lakh crores.

Due to the steep fall in the shares of DMart, the net worth of its owner RK Damani has also declined. His net worth was Rs 1.50 lakh crore last week.Similarly, the share of IRCTC fell 20% to Rs 4,371 this morning. However, later this stock was trading with a decline of 10%.

Its market cap has come down from Rs 1 lakh crore to Rs 70 thousand crore. That is, a decrease of 30 thousand crore rupees in the market cap has come in two days. Yesterday it was trading at one year high i.e. Rs 6,393. But when the market closed in the evening, the stock closed with a fall of 10%.

Similarly, the shares of Tata Power, which made a record high of 1 year on Monday itself, have also fallen drastically. This stock has fallen from Rs 269 to Rs 217. The stock had gained 17% on Monday. Shares of Paras Defense today made a new high of Rs 1,003 with 10% upper circuit. However, later it was trading at Rs 961 with a gain of 5%. IPO of Paras Defense came at Rs 175. The stock was listed at Rs 471 on October 1. Since then it has been increasing continuously.

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